As a designer, my goal is to help create a more ideal world in which experiences bring delight to people’s daily lives. In order to create these experiences, I believe it is less about the medium-- whether it be an interface, a product, or a service--but more about finding the right way to bring a idea to final execution.

I value hearing about people and understanding their needs. My insights stem from the observations I make while I listen to the stories people tell. These stories guide me to create products that solve a need that might have gone unnoticed. My education from the University of Michigan and MFA in Design from California College of the Arts taught me the importance of practicing an iterative design process, always looking to get feedback from the core audience. I have practiced this process by working in  jewelry, furniture,  as a research intern at gravitytank, interaction designer at Huge and Red Antler. I currently work at Code and Theory.

Until recently, we have thought of interaction design as something that only exists on a screen, but we know this isn’t the case. I want to explore how the physical and digital worlds meet and interact with each other to create new and unique experiences. Furthermore, my passion lies in designing interactions using the data around us in a way that responds to people's needs. I value hyper-personalization and believe it is a powerful part of how technology can be used to better enjoy life.